About PhDeets

PhDeets is a podcast for people currently doing or considering doing a PhD. Hosted by Nicol, Katie and Carolin – researchers working and studying at King’s College London.

We talk to fellow PhD students, supervisors, academics, researchers, career advisors, as well as people from the industry about various topics relevant to the lives of current or potential PhD students.

We are based at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London and work in mental health research but we are an independent podcast and all views are our own.

If you’d like to suggest an episode or contact us about any topics we discuss, you can email us at podcast@phdeets.com.  You can also find us on Twitter at @PhDeets_podcast.


Meet the hosts

Nicol Bergou

My name is Nicol and I am a full-time PhD student at King’s College London, funded by the MRC DTP. I am on a 1+3 pathway, currently in the ‘1’ stage – completing an MRes in Biomedical and Translational Science. My current research uses a smartphone app to try to predict psychotic relapse. I am also a greyhound enthusiast and, in my free time, volunteer for Kent Greyhound Rescue.

Katie White

My name is Katie and I’m in the second year of my part-time PhD, exploring how people engage with remote measurement technologies for symptom tracking in depression. I am (attempting) to complete this alongside my role as a research assistant at the IoPPN. Outside of PhD life, you can find me appreciating dogs and trying to run a sub-30 5k, often at the same time.

Carolin Oetzmann

I am Carolin and I have been considering doing a PhD for a while now. My research area of interest is prevention of disease by better understanding psychiatric conditions and their causes. Besides pondering the Phd life on a daily basis, I am a full-time research assistant at the IoPPN, and love any book Adam Kay recommends.




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